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The 3 Biggest Fashion Influences on Today’s Youth

Fashion is amazing, especially in its incredible influence on the youth of today’s society. The various forms of influence that fashion exerts upon teens and other young adults drives the desire to purchase the large quantity of merchandise that so many kids buy.

Fashion is a powerful machine, it seems. There are three ways that fashion affects youth in our society.

1. Fashion meets popularity
Fashion is often little more than a tool for building up and breaking down young people in our society. A trend gets set and and then is destroyed when (and sometimes even because) lots of people succeed in adopting that trend.

The creator of the trend, more often than not, is firmly established as a popular individual among peers. This holds true in schools, clubs, or similar institutions. In other areas of life, the trend setter may actually be an unknown.

For many trend setters, their popularity status is the vehicle that drives the desire to be noticed. As the trend is noticed, everyone else follows suit. Those who do not are considered “out of the loop,” at least briefly.

2. Fashion is part of who you are

Youth these days follow a trend which is somewhat stereotypical but mostly accurate. Simply put, this trend assumes that what a person wears shows his personality. A punk rocker would most likely be seen in board shorts and tattoos, while a pop-loving tween would be clad in colorful apparel and glitzy accessories.

A person’s fashion taste also evolves as he evolves, and it grows with him. When his habits change, his style also changes. The trend that we set onto ourselves speaks about who we are in a not-so-subtle way.

3. Fashion requires leaders and followers

There are two types of fashion-conscious individuals: the leaders, who generally start the trends, and the followers who snag the trends and spread their popularity. Both of these groups experience fashion mostly in a positive manner.

Many young men and women obsess about shoes, for example. If they are followers of today’s trends, they are bound to spend massive amounts of money on the latest shoes from the hottest designers and trends.

The trend setters might be financially strapped by the popular fashion rush, but they have an image to uphold so they purchase many pairs of the latest, and often very expensive, designer-brand shoes.

Fashion moves, shakes, and drives many young adults. As strong an influence as it may be today, fashion will likely grow in mass proportions as time goes on.