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Testing without any pain is preferable


Saliva drug testing is a trusted one testing as it can detect drug very quickly as you can say within the first few hours of consumption. One basic fact of using this test is that during this time period test is detectable by urine. Saliva testing of the drug is also called as oral fluid testing and this test is increasing popularity due to easy use, even the collection process is also less messy. Nowadays the saliva-based tests are preferred by most of the staffing agencies. Even though, the accuracy rate of 99% makes saliva test a reliable source of testing. The saliva testing is now being used on the national even as an international level by most of the organizations and agencies as well. Saliva drug tests are considered as a unique diagnostic technique which usually has involvement of laboratory analysis of a person’s saliva and that saliva is used to identify the contents of an endocrine, immunologic, inflammatory, and infectious type of conditions in it. The following are few justification concepts:


· Helps in rectifying steroid hormones: Saliva is a very useful biological fluid. It is used for assaying steroid hormones and the list goes on such as cortisol, and genetic material which has RNA, proteins, enzymes and antibodies. Saliva drug tests are helpful in finding the symptoms of steroid hormones. Steroid hormones are those which are mostly used by athletes and sports person for getting stamina, but in these days gym going persons also use it for building muscles. It’s acceptable in some amount, but harmful in excess.

· Useful in diagnosing harmful disease: Saliva testing is used by most of the agencies to diagnose numerous diseases and the conditional states of those. The diseases which are normally diagnosed with the help of saliva testing is listed as Cushing’s disease, HIV, cancer, an ovulation, parasites, allergies, and hypogonadism. Sometimes the diseases are not easy to diagnose till the last stage, but saliva testing is a technique which is saving many lives. As the urine provides the symptoms delayed as compare to saliva.

· Use of saliva testing in agencies: Saliva testing is a quick test so it’s been used by the U.S. government as well. The governments of different countries can assess the circadian rhythm shifts of the astronauts just before their flight to space. Even army or defence services also evaluate hormonal profiles of their soldiers and this is done while the cadets are undergoing military survival training. The agencies trust this process for more because they can get the instant results. Even, the results can’t tamper.

There are some testing kits available with us, which are worth for use. The results or outcome of these tests is trusted and testified. The user can also cross check the concept from any laboratory for his/ her satisfaction. The famous laboratories also recommend and use our product on daily basis due to the trust. The products which we have are enormous in range and all are tested before being presented to the market.

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