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Tegra K1 -The New Wonder Chip for online gaming and casinos

The Tegra K1, Nvidia’s new graphics mobile CPU, will open the world of high end graphics technology to mobile devices, making tablets a viable alternative to play technology demanding games. Going by the reputation of Nvidia, such a scenario will bring the famous online casino games to mobiles and tablets, opening an altogether new business segment for the gambling industry.

The News in Detail

With thelaunch of Tegra K1 in CES International last Sunday the console level gaming has arrived at mobile devices. Now,the new generation gaming platforms will be available to PCs and the tablets/ smart phones at the same time.

Tegra K1, a 192 core CPS of mobile type, working with Unreal 4 can produce virtually original photo type quality images on mobiles and tablets. The company demonstrated the performance of K1 with Unreal Engine 4, by showing a near real human face and many live rendered game environments on a tablet. The lighting and reflections, created by K1 and Unreal Engine 4 were just out of this world. It is claimed that Tegra K1 mobile CPU works 3 times better than that of the famous Apple A7.

This will open new opportunities for the online gaming industry. Until now, online casinos were restricted to PCs, as the kind of hardware required to run the current online games was not available on mobile devices. But with thelaunch of Tegra K1, the online casinos and all the favourite group games will be available in full glory on tablets and mobile phones.

At present,the Tegra K1 is made available in 32 bit quad core CPU up to 2.3 GHz speed and soon another 64 bit version will be launched in another six months, named “Denver”. It will have processing speeds of 2.5 GHz, starting an era of 64 bit mobile computing on tablets.

The gaming fraternity and the online casinos are all anxiously waiting for devices fitted with Tegra K1 working with Unreal Engine 4, as after that the online gaming will never be the same.