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Technology, travel and Tenerife – How to enhance your holiday to the Canary Islands

It is not difficult to understand why so many tourists visit Tenerife on their annual holiday or vacation. Even though this sun-drenched island boasts a mild yearlong climate, several stunning beaches and a beautiful blue sea, there are a great deal of appealing attractions and exhilarating activities too.

The island’s outstanding natural landscape, which includes Mount Teide – the world’s third largest volcano, is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. What’s more, its fantastic coastline has become a scuba diving hotspot, while the mountainous terrain is increasingly popular with hikers and cyclists.

But despite these attractive and enticing characteristics, various forms of technology can further enhance your holiday to Tenerife – and they don’t only have to do with the booking websites you choose.

Smartphones, tablets and eReaders

The multi-purpose smartphone is any traveller’s dream gadget, as it can perform all manner of tasks that will undoubtedly improve your time away from home. Think about downloading language translators and currency converters so you can order and purchase an evening meal in your best Spanish.

From searching for local restaurants to choosing where to have a drink, the range of travel apps for both iOS and Android tablets is vast. You can even write a travel journal, check the local weather report or talk with friends and family back home.

An eReader is also a great poolside companion, as thousands of different books are available to buy and download. What’s more, several devices feature matte screens, meaning glare from the sun won’t be an issue.

Solar power

Due to its geographical location off the northwest coast of Africa, Tenerife enjoys a great deal of sunshine throughout the year. While this is beneficial to those interested in relaxing and unwinding on the beach, the weather also has some distinct technological advantages.

Recent trends have seen an increasing amount of gadgets and devices incorporate solar technology as a more eco-friendly and sustainable power source.

Therefore, if you’re away from the hotel room for a prolonged period of time, take advantage of the sun and purchase a solar-powered phone charger or radio.

Fitness and activity trackers

If you’re interested in a more active holiday to Tenerife, then you might like to track and record your escapades. There are several fitness and activity trackers available to download onto your smartphone, but specific gadgets and devices are also available.

A GPS watch is perfect if you intend to explore some of the island’s natural environment by foot. Similar devices are also available for those taking to the steep and challenging hills by bike.

Therefore, every type of holidaymaker is catered for on a trip to Tenerife. But with just a few technological additions, the whole experience has the potential to be a lot more enjoyable.