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Technology is Changing Construction As We Know It

Today, technology is advancing more rapidly than ever before, and the construction industry isn’t remaining behind. Technology isn’t only revolutionizing how the construction professionals manage their projects, but impacting profoundly on the preparations and actual building processes, as well. If you can capitalize on the power of new technology, you could have a competitive advantage in the general bidding process with the ability to minimize timeframes and cut down costs.Today, we will go over some notable examples on how technology is changing the construction industry.


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Once reserved for military operations, drones have in the recent times become a trending topic in various industries, including construction. With a drone fitted with high-resolution digital cameras and cutting-edge software, your survey projects will be much easier and time-saving. Besides survey projects, aerial imagery drones can be used in cable trench excavations. With excavations of any kind safety has become a concern to not only time and money, but lives as well. With the aerial drones, this can be solution that will propel excavation construction forward.

3d Printing

The power of 3D printing has a potential to reduce the time it will take you to generate complex building forms. With the technology, you will also be able to prefabricate and set up components such as plumbing and mechanical equipment. Some professionals are even utilizing it to do drywall detailing. The future of 3D printing is promising as it’s being experimented with building entire homes.


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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM allows you to generate 3D building models using the relevant construction information. There is virtually no limit to this capability. You can create a 3D model of a school, an office complex, or hospital in comprehensive detail, down to the position of the doors. With this, all the teams involved will be able to identify any potential problems with the building process before the project begins.

Faster Energy Modelling Software

Energy modeling is normally a time-consuming exercise. That is quickly changing, thanks to new software tools that allow analysis during conceptual design. They are replacing the single-purpose models like airflow and day lighting models that would take you weeks to build and run. Today, you can analyze performance data in a few hours and promptly modify their designs if needed.

Mobile Technology in the Field

New uses of cloud computing and mobile apps continue to emerge in the construction industry. With cloud technology, you can provide that information to all authorized personnel irrespective of their location. Furthermore, digital storage of information reduces the challenges of referring to dated documents since updated versions are centralized and readily accessible.

Project managers and foremen are abandoning paper time cards in favor of mobile applications that can record employees’ hours, thus minimizing mistakes. This same technology could also allow you to instantly analyze daily productions, which enables you to make any changes immediately. Otherwise, you will wait several days before information becomes available.


Technology is playing an integral role in improving many industries, not exempting the construction industry. When armed with the appropriate technology, construction firms across the world are not only able to work safely, but also efficiently. From drones to sensors, and every device in between, it’s simple to understand why construction companies across the world are capitalizing on technology in virtually every construction process.

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