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Four Ways Technologies Will Boost Efficiency for Charities

There are very few industries left around the world that have not had to adapt to make use of emerging technologies. It might seem that the realm of charitable giving is fairly isolated from the need to stay abreast of the latest technologies, but there are in fact several recent technologies that can uniquely benefit charities. These new technologies can make charities more efficient, meaning that more of the money donated to them reaches the intended recipient within the shortest amount of time possible. Here’s how technology can help charities accomplish their stated goals.

Getting the Message Out There

Even the most well-meaning and targeted charity can’t do its job properly if it doesn’t know how to best distribute resources to those who need it. Technology makes charity more accessible to those who need the most help. Often, those in difficult situations don’t have time or resources to hunt down charities that can help them, which puts them in a difficult double-bind. With technologies like internet chat, email, text message and online access, charities can make themselves more accessible to potential recipients.

Improving Response Time

Technology also helps charities improve their response times. Sometimes individuals need help in a hurry, such as when the power in their home is cut off with a winter storm fast approaching. Providing individuals in need with multiple ways to get in touch with them, as well as the fast response time associated with more consistent access to technology.

Making Sense of Data

Another good use of emerging technology is analyzing and maintaining data. Though this type of tech is most often used by businesses to track customer trends, it can also be used by charities to keep track of where their funds are coming from and how they are being spent. This is very important, since it is the goal of every charity to allocate resources in the most efficient manner.

Increasing Accessibility

Simply getting an online presence is no longer enough for many charities. Since more than half of the Internet browsing done in the United States is now performed on mobile devices, having an app is also essential for organizations looking to remain relevant and consistent, and increase their accessibility and attract potential donors.

The world of charitable giving is a competitive one, where multiple organizations often compete to pass donations on to the same cause. By using technology intelligently, charitable organization can greatly increase the number of donors as well as needy individuals that they are able to reach.