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How New Technologies Can Improve Your Customer Experience


How New Technologies Can Improve Your Customer Experience

The overall customer experience is a more important part of purchasing a product or service than you may realize. Any decent phone store can sell you the latest iPhone or Android-powered device. What makes you return to one particular store when the latest update comes out isn’t the phone itself, but the personal service you receive while making your purchase. The concept of trying to create a better customer experience is nothing new. What has changed, however, is the many new technologies available to help improve your customer experience at the stores you usually frequent.

A Better In-store Experience

If you happen to have an iPhone or other Internet-connected device when you enter an AT&T store, you can instantly communicate with a sales associate to let them know what you’re looking for; or use a kiosk at the store to “check in” in case you happen to enter the store device free. The idea is to present you with a better in-store experience. Instead of trying to interest you in the latest iPhone, an associate may simply direct you to the latest iPhone accessories if they happen to notice on their display that you purchased the most recent iPhone on your last visit.

More Customer-specific Discounts

Many stores now offer apps that give you access to personalized promotions and savings. Some stores even offer instant specials for customers already in the store with a smartphone and store app. Some stores will even encourage you to “sign in” when you enter the store and use records of your past purchases to send text messages to your phone with specials or items of possible interest. If you’re not ready to be that interactive with a store that’s new, you can still find plenty of coupon codes online that you can use to save some money.

Better Access to Business Info

These days, all you need is an Internet-connected device to access a store’s website. This makes it much easier to become an informed consumer. You can also do some research to find what other stores are offering in terms of both product selection and price. You could be at a store you always shop at and find a blouse that happens to be $10 cheaper at a competing store. Armed with this info, you may be able to negotiate a price match or at least some type of savings. Even stores not willing to match a competitor’s price may offer you special discounts on other products and services just to keep you as a customer.

Easier Payment Methods

Services such as Foursquare allow retailers to accept mobile payments, which can be convenient for both you and the business involved with the transaction. Mobile payments are typically used by businesses that do on-site work such as contractors and landscaping services. On a related note, some stores have mobile scanners they use to deal with long lines. A sales associate “works the line” by scanning your items while you are in line and all you have to do when you make it to the register is pay.

More Interaction with Other Customers

Thanks to the popularity of mobile devices, it is much easier to check online reviews and even chat with other customers logged into a store’s Facebook page. This makes it easier to make “spur of the moment” decisions for things such as trying to pick a restaurant or even deciding between your local Walmart or Target store when looking for a specific item. You can also share your personal insights about your shopping experience. Some stores offer discounts just for telling your online friends about your positive shopping experience.

All the technology that is available to you as a consumer is actually meant to allow for more one-on-one interactions with a real person. By taking advantage of the technologies literally at your fingertips, you have very little excuse for not being a well-informed consumer today; whether you are browsing stores online or doing some good old-fashioned in-person shopping at an actual store. Most businesses are fully aware of the increased power that technology gives you and are consequently willing to do everything possible to make your shopping experience a good one.


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