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Other Than Taste, How to Decide Whether to Drink Coffee or Tea

Coffee and tea are staple drinks in the United States.
In fact, the United States is one of the top consumers of coffee and tea in the world. For many, a day can’t really begin without a caffeinated beverage to jump start in. While not everyone is a huge fan of the taste, there are reasons that drinking coffee or tea is a pretty good idea.

Coffee and Tea Have Health Benefits
Studies have shown that coffee has some health benefits attached to it. Coffee drinkers are less likely to suffer from skin cancer. Coffee promotes cell repair, and the study found that coffee drinkers were 11% less likely to suffer from non-melanoma skin cancers than non-coffee drinkers. Coffee is also thought to lower risks for reproductive cancer because it inhibits the production of estrogen in women. Aside from being healthy, coffee can also settle an uneasy stomach, but dark roasts are a must. If you suffer from acid reflux, espresso-based drinks may actually calm your stomach, as it contains a chemical that lowers stomach acid. Be careful, though, light roast coffees can actually make indigestion worse.

Tea also has plenty of health benefits, too. Coffee is probably not the best choice for those with high blood pressure, but tea is. Tea has been shown to lower blood pressure significantly when it is ingested daily. Tea is also good for the heart. Those who sip on tea regularly are less likely to develop heart disease than those who do not, and tea drinkers have lower body fats than those who do not partake in the beverage. In fact, green tea is shown to be an effective weight loss aid, as long as you don’t make the drink with tons of sugar.

Coffee and Tea Can Make You More Productive
A study found that women who drink coffee or tea are more effective partners and can get more done in a day. The same study found that men who drink coffee were actually less effective partners, the reasons still aren’t entirely clear.

Coffee may help you feel more awake and feeling awake just makes it easier to deal with the ins and outs of life and relationships. If you feel like you’re stressed out, you might actually be feeling a bit tired. A cup of coffee can help you get through the day easier. Coffee drinkers are also 15% less likely to suffer from depression than those who don’t, but only coffee drinkers who consume three cups of coffee per day. If you feel like you’re prone to feeling blue or getting easily frazzled, coffee might be the right beverage for you.

Tea might be a better beverage option if you regularly feel frazzled. Tea, specifically chamomile, has a calming effect. If you happen to be an anxious type, tea might be one way to unwind and relax. Tea drinkers are less anxious, overall, than coffee drinkers. So, studies would suggest that those struggling with depression should turn to coffee, while anxious people should drink tea, instead.

The Bottom Line
Coffee and tea are both perfectly acceptable beverage options. If you don’t like the taste of one or the other, consider giving another caffeinated beverage a try. Many people find the taste of coffee to be offensive, but there are plenty of coffee makers, roast options, and delicious mixed drinks that will get you the caffeine fix you’re after. The same is true for tea. Whether to drink coffee or tea is a pretty personal decision that only you can make, but before you pick a caffeine fix to fit your life, consider the benefits of each and which would work the best for you.