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Tanning tales

Tanning tales

Read on as we bust those tanning stories you believed in.

Trivia #1: The higher the SPF, the better it is
On a daily basis, all that you need is an SPF 15 to 30. After a certain point, a sunscreen with a higher SPF ranking doesn’t really make a difference, providing only about one percent additional protection than its lower valued counterparts.

The only edge that a SPF 60 will have over a SPF 30 is that it offers added protection in case you haven’t applied the required amount of sunscreen.

Trivia #2: Indoor tanning beds are safe
Both indoor and outdoor tanning work on the same concept of applying UV light to the skin, and hence, neither of the two are safe. Indoor tanning beds can be just as damaging as a sun tan.

Trivia #3: There is such a thing as healthy tan!
So you decide to head out in the sun only until you get a hint of that sun kissed look. After all, a little tan will not be damaging, right? Not really. Truth is, there is no such thing as a healthy tan. That dusky shade is a mechanism of your skin to indicate damage.

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