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Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

Good air quality in your home is essential to your family’s health. Protect your family from endless colds, miserable allergies, or even asthma attacks by keeping the air in your home clean. Good air quality can keep you healthy, so take the steps to ensure your house isn’t making your family sick. Don’t Idle the Car in the Garage You …

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How we test: TVs

How we test: TVs Did you know CNET reviews TVs by comparing them directly in a side-by-side lineup, after each has undergone a thorough calibration? Did you know that the main instrument we use to calibrate and measure those televisions costs about $28,000? Did you know that last year we reviewed and rated 54 individual TVs and revamped our ratings …

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Jamaican discus thrower Traves Smikle fails drugs test

Jamaican discus thrower Traves Smikle fails drugs test Discus thrower Travis Smile has turn into the latest Jamaican athlete to test positive for a banned substance. Smile, who competed at London 2012, back a favorable consequence after the Jamaican trials in June. Compatriots Asana Powell, Sharon Simp son, Veronica Campbell-Brown and fellow discus thrower Allison Randall have additionally recently failed …

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How we test: Monitors

How we test: Monitors To evaluate a display’s performance, CNET uses a variety of DisplayMate test screens in conjunction with diagnostic equipment, and our most important tool, the human eye. Each test screen we use is specifically designed to emphasize a particular area of performance, such as text readability, color accuracy, or screen uniformity. Test bed CNET Labs’ monitor test …

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Staying relaxed and stress free during exam time

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve sat in an exam hall nervously watching the clock and listening to a pin drop, exams just don’t get any easier. Feeling stressed and nervous before an important test or exam is perfectly normal. In fact, a bit of adrenaline can actually be a good thing as the hormones we produce when stressed …

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