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Are hybrid laptops the future?

Gone are the days where you had to sit and wait while your heavy desktop connected to a less than efficient dial-up Internet system. Now, you can surf the net 24-hours a day on multiple devices and enjoy high quality surfing speeds whether you’re at home or on the go. Technological developments have completely changed the way we interact and …

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Build your very own zombie early detection system with this Arduino-based project

zombie Project Of zombie If you’re anything like me, you probably look at all of these Arduino projects and think to yourself, “damn, I wish I could do something like that!” Here’s the thing: You totally can, and this nifty Infrared Alarm project is the perfect starting point. Using an Arduino microcontroller and passive infrared sensor, you can detect invisible infrared light. Why …

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BMW combines all-wheel-drive, plug-in hybrid in concept

BMW suits its X5 with a plug-in hybrid pressure device for the Frankfurt auto show. with the launch of the i3, and its devoted i brand, BMW has been making a lot of noise about electrical vehicles today. At next month’s Frankfurt auto show, that noise will bleed over into its existing variation line with a new plug-in hybrid in …

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PS4 Can Alter Gaming Landscape, Sony Says

Okay, we all know by now that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is likely to be a very big hit and probably outsell Microsoft’s Xbox One, but there’s no need to rub it in. Sony doesn’t seem to have any intention of halting its “charm offensive”:  the new gaming platform’s architect, Mark Cerny, recently said the upcoming PS4 has the potential to …

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An Overview of Software Testing Development Cycle

Latest innovation in testing technology has brought business to seem out for brand spanking new levels to avail technology resolution that area unit created victimization agile strategies instead of moderate ancient previous approach. Achieving to seek out such a software system resolution developing firm that uses such testing services Associate in Nursing investing the answer has continuously been an aim …

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