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New Slim PlayStation 3 Revealed

While we are still sulking no one bothered to send us to Tokyo Game Show, (we would have even worn company t-shirts to go there) – Sony just unveiled a lighter, smaller slim PS3 model, which is about 20% smaller and 25% lighter than the current PS3. Arguably, that’s not much of a game-changer since the device isn’t portable, but …

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What is Document Management System !

What is a Document Management System? Wikipedia defines a document management system (DMS) as “a computer system (or set of computer programs) used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents.” To help your office manage multiple tasks with minimal resource allocation, you need a solution that does far more than just scan and archive documents. You …

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Learn how you can Disable Two-Step Verification in Dropbox

Dropbox launched its two-step verification system one week ago to protect user accounts. With SMS based security, it works like Google’s two-step security procedure. It is a great step taken by the Dropbox developers because security is the major concern for all internet users these days. It is a new security step taken by Dropbox and it works perfectly most …

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Loud speakers for those who like to rock out

  Kirsch RF-7 II tower audio system Every now and then I get e-mails from readers who like to listen loud — really loud. One recent one asked, “can you suggest a nice pair of tower or bookshelf speakers capable of maintaining the birthday party going?” neatly, there’s loud, in reality loud, and there comes some extent the place it …

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Are hybrid laptops the future?

Gone are the days where you had to sit and wait while your heavy desktop connected to a less than efficient dial-up Internet system. Now, you can surf the net 24-hours a day on multiple devices and enjoy high quality surfing speeds whether you’re at home or on the go. Technological developments have completely changed the way we interact and …

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