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Twitter: Data center problems caused outage

Twitter blamed systems failures — not a crush of traffic around the Olympic games — for an outage on Thursday that saw people around the world experience problems accessing the micro blogging site for more than an hour. The San Francisco-based company said the outage was caused by a “noteworthy” double failure in its data centers. When one system fails, …

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4 Creepy Crawlies That May Live Inside You

The outdoors, swimming, vacation, and good food are some of the joys connected with being human. Unfortunately, sometimes those joys come with parasitic problems. The Earth is full of parasites that will happily feast on human insides, and some of our favorite activities are also avenues for contracting these nasty creatures. Some, like tapeworm, live at home in our uncooked …

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Some find problems with Wii U update

Check out  Wii U update Sales of the Nintendo Wii U system began Sunday, following a midnight launch event at the Nintendo World store in New York. But anyone getting a Wii U will need some patience before getting started. Features of  Wii U update   A required 5GB firmware update can take an hour or two to download, but …

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Android update brings Notes problems that IBM will fix next week

Android Android Plan Made By IBM IBM plans to issue fixes early next week for glitches that have hit Notes users who upgraded to the latest version of Google’s Android OS. The problems occur on phones and tablets running Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean, which Google recently began pushing to end-user devices. Problem Of Android One of the problems being experienced on …

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How Can Students Get Rid of Exam Preparation Problems?

Education is the most important thing for anyone, who wishes to make a bright and successful career. Have you ever wondered how do the brilliant students succeed? Do they study all day and all night without having any commitment? The only difference lies in studying. Many students forget all what they have learnt when they see the question paper. Have …

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