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Get an HP quad-core desktop for $329.99

HP’s vivid, monolithic tower packs a decent quantity of horsepower. Games, video production, CAD work, photo design — computing duties like these need the entire horsepower you could throw at them, and for most users that suggests a personal computer. While provides closing, Wood spin-off site Maori has the refurbished HP Pavilion P6-2427C quad-core laptop for $329.ninety nine, plus $5 …

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Check Emergency Chargers- Power On The Go

Power banks: On many occasions, the battery on your phonedies when you need it the most, like when making an emergency call. The situation becomes even worse when the charging point is not in your reach. What should you do? It is suggested that you always carry a portable power bank with you. Here is a list of portable power …

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Change Windows Power Plans with a Keyboard Shortcut

Power Plans Built Of Power Plans Switching between Windows’ built-in power schemes from the taskbar can be kind of a pain, so reader Keithb1 shows us a few different ways to change them with a keyboard shortcut. I got rather sick of choosing plans from the system tray. It’s just a little clumsy and clunky trying to manage it with a trackpad all …

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Sony SRS-BTM8 Review

Sony SRS-BTM8 The Sony SRS-BTM8 is a curious looking device. It resembles a purse, replete with a carry handle to boot. However, unlike a real purse that’s usually fashioned out of leather, this one’s all plastic. Like the title says, this thingamajig here is marketed by Sony as a portable Bluetooth speaker. This puts it in direct competition with portable …

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Google is coming up with the extra power of 10 gigabits /per second Internet speed

Google is reportedly working on offering data transfer speeds of 10 gigabits per second as part of its project to develop ‘next generation’ of the Internet. Currently, Google Fiber service offers data speeds of 1 gigabit per second, and the search giant is working on technology to provide faster data transfer speeds. Google’s Chief Financial Officer, Patrick Pichette, said that …

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