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Misspell Google search terms? It’s probably hunger

Misspell Google search terms? Well, indeed. It’s hard to know whether those who can’t spell are stressed, oppressed by excess multitasking, or merely uneducated. The people behind the highly nutritious Snickers bar decided to prove that it might be none of the above. It is, they posited, merely hunger that drives you to ignorance. So, as AdAge reports, Snickers got …

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Teenagers’ online mistakes will stay with them forever: Eric Schmidt

Teenagers’ online mistakes Are you one of those who updates their circle of family, friends and followers about every little aspect of their life? Do you tweet about what you’re doing, Foursquare the place you are in and Instagram your lunch. Google’s Eric Schmidt has a word of caution for you – your mistakes will never go away from the …

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10 Common Small Business Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you have a small business you probably have a website. But is your website producing more sales and driving traffic to your business? If not you may have made some common mistakes. Internet commerce is growing by leaps and bounds, and if your website is lacking you will miss out on potential customers. Here are 10 common mistakes you …

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Are These Time Management Mistakes Destroying Your Productivity?

Time management is an essential skill that every leader needs. Unfortunately, there are far too many people in the workplace that can’t manage their time well. One poll by Ipsos Public Affairs-Randstad found that about 43% of U.S. employees feel that time management is a serious problem in their organization. Do you feel that you are as productive as you …

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High 5 health blunders clever women make

Top 5 health errors Washing drugs down with the wrong drink Why it is bad: Taking pills with grapefruit juice can raise the potency of some drugs, inflicting unpredictable unwanted side effects. Alcohol can heighten the effects of napping drugs and result in stomach bleeding in people who take anti-inflammatory medication or aspirin. Easy solution: Consultant pharmacist Nargis Ara says: …

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