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Logitech goes solar with new tablet keyboards

Logitech, one of the biggest makers of computer accessories has recently taken a big interest in the tablet market – the company recently unveiled a host of new accessories for Apple iPad and other Apple devices. The most stand out of the lot is the new Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 and the Keyboard Folio. Mostly because they’re solar powered, …

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Explore Through Amazing iPhone Apps

Team Apple has introduced some of the top iPhone apps to the phone users. Now you can select from the list given below and use it on your phone. The apps are from all prominent categories, like entertainment, music, social networking, health, food, medical, lifestyle, navigation and etc. If you are an iPhone user make sure you are not ignoring …

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Sony faces setback as hackers release PlayStation 3 decryption keys

Sony Faced By Sony Sony faced a setback in its campaign to control what software can run on its PlayStation 3 after hackers published one of the cryptographic keys that forms the core of the security scheme locking down the game console. Key Of Sony The so-called LV0 key, released by a crew calling itself “The Three Musketeers,” grants access to theone …

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Access hidden function key options in OS X

Function key options in OS X The standard F1 through F12 function keys in OS X by default are set to change a number of common system settings, including audio volume, backlight and brightness levels, and media player controls. Convenient as this is, sometimes their default behaviors can be intrusive or too crude for your needs. For example, if your …

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Protect your keyboard’s keys from fading into oblivion

Protect your keyboard’s keys Unlike classic keyboards where characters were small decals stuck on generic keys, many modern keyboards, such as those in Apple’s laptops, have keys built for the specific characters. The keys are made of translucent plastic with a black coating so the character can be illuminated with a backlight. This approach to keys offers great advantage in …

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