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Access hidden function key options in OS X

Function key options in OS X The standard F1 through F12 function keys in OS X by default are set to change a number of common system settings, including audio volume, backlight and brightness levels, and media player controls. Convenient as this is, sometimes their default behaviors can be intrusive or too crude for your needs. For example, if your …

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Protect your keyboard’s keys from fading into oblivion

Protect your keyboard’s keys Unlike classic keyboards where characters were small decals stuck on generic keys, many modern keyboards, such as those in Apple’s laptops, have keys built for the specific characters. The keys are made of translucent plastic with a black coating so the character can be illuminated with a backlight. This approach to keys offers great advantage in …

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Nokia’s “Treasure Tags” Help You Find Lost Keys

There is nothing more frustrating than losing your keys, but thanks to Nokia that might no longer be a problem. According to sources the firm is planning to launch a “Treasure Tag” accessory that is able to track items using Bluetooth and NFC with a Lumia Windows phone. Apparently the device will be a small, squarish shape that has an …

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The Heat Is On For Web Firms Master Encryption Keys

Internet Companies use master keys for their web encryption and the NSA and FBI are trying to gain access to these, now whether this is legal or not, it has not stopped the United States government from trying.  These demands for master encryption keys, which, as you would expect, have not been previously disclosed, represent a technological escalation in the covert …

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DARPA robot hand picks up keys, 50-pound weights

DARPA robot hand picks up keys Forget the pitcher: The prototype hand, developed by iRobot, can take a licking. Mimicking the human grasp is no easy feat. Robotic hands tend to be clunky and expensive. But now, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is showing off a robotic hand that’s dexterous enough to pick up keys and tough enough to …

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