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Netflix intros a dedicated ISP speed index page to highlight streaming champions

Netflix has long been judging your ISP's streaming quality, but you've had to dig around blog posts and other less accessible pages to get the low-down on just which networks reign supreme. Its new, dedicated ISP Speed Index page is much more straightforward: stop by and you'll always have a quick glimpse of which internet providers are the most Netflix-friendly across key countries, with more detailed breakdowns for individual nations. Not that there's been an upheaval in the pecking order, at least if you're an American. Google Fiber was once again the clear US speed leader in February, while DSL and Clearwire's WiMAX trailed the pack. The site mostly provides a handy point of reference for ISP shopping, even if it suggests that a cross-country (or cross-planet) move might be in order.

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Netflix’s ISP rankings confirm the expected: Google Fiber is ‘the most consistently fast ISP in America’

Like there was ever any doubt, right? Netflix -- which serves up over one billion hours of video streaming to some 30 million members per month -- owes it to itself to keep track of which ISPs are killing it, and which simply need to be killed. Now, the outfit's finally ready to begin publishing its findings, ranking America's major Internet Service Providers based upon "actual performance across all Netflix streams." The shocker to end all shockers? "Google Fiber is now the most consistently fast ISP in America, according to actual user experience on Netflix streams in November."

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ISP’s To Block Porn Unless You Opt In

Pornographic websites will be automatically blocked by Internet service providers (ISPs) in the UK unless the account holder chooses to opt in, Prime Minister David Cameron announced today, according to the BBC. As part of new measures aimed at protecting “the innocence of our children”, Online search engines such as Google and Bing will be required to block illegal content.  Filtering …

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Indian ISPs want local servers for global companies

Indian ISPs want local servers Indian Internet service providers (ISP’s) have asked the government to make it mandatory for foreign search engines and social networking sites to set up main servers in India to provide services in the country. According to the ISPs, this will ensure the continuing privacy of domestic Internet and email users. The bone that domestic ISPs …

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VoIP service providers may soon need to set up servers in India

VoIP service providers may soon need Skype, Viber and other such Internet voice calling services may soon have to set up servers in India to continue operating in the country. The Economic Times reports that the Centre will require VoIP service providers to be registered in India, with an office and server located in the country so that the company …

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