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Google penalizes sites hosting pirated content

Hollywood and other content owners, whose relationship with Google is fitful at best, gave the Silicon Valley search company rare praise Friday for its move to penalize websites that have been flagged by copyright holders for potentially hosting pirated entertainment Folk Fests. In a blog post on the company’s website, Google explained the changes it had made to its search …

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Web Hosting an Introduction with Server !

A web hosting accommodation is a typewrite of Net hosting pair that allows individuals and organizations to neaten their website convenient via the Class Countywide Web. Web hosts are companies that ply set on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as rise as providing Net connectivity, typically in a data country. Web hosts can also wage accumulation …

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SSL certificates for your customer protection

Often referred to as a Secure Socket Later, an SSL certificate lets in web site homeowners to add a degree or encryption between the net server and visitors to the web page. essentially, this encryption objectives to secure any knowledge that could be exchanged between the server and the browser utilized by a customer. It additionally targets to care for …

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Shared Hosting: What You Get and What You Don’t

Shared hosting is the basic level hosting that most beginners choose to go with. And why not! After all it is easy to manage and also easy on your pocket. In this type of hosting, one server is used to host many websites belonging to many different users. As one server is distributed between many users, the cost of hosting …

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Common errors and their fixes while WP setup on dedicated host

Dedicated hosting is a very common thing among website owners. Generally large websites have the advantage of using multiple resources like a big bandwidth and server CPU. Shared hosting platforms do not have this advantage. Free? Forget it! Looking for a free web host is not at all a good idea. Identifying a free reliable web host is a tough …

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