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TiVo says Taco Bell won the Super Bowl

 Taco Bell won the Super Bowl The morning after the Super Bowl, there is a constant discussion about the dropped passes, the unnecessary roughness and the terrible calls. Yes, of course I’m talking about the commercials. Many media companies weigh in and declare that they know which of them moved the populace to wild emotions and untold paroxysms of brand …

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Did GoDaddy hire a real geek for its Super Bowl ad?

Did GoDaddy hire a real geek The first time I saw GoDaddy‘s geek-smooching supermodel ad during the Super Bowl, I silently cheered for the curly-headed geek in a “Revenge of the Nerds” sort of way. The second time the ad came on, I was reading Super Bowl articles on my iPad and only heard the lascivious slurping sound effects. Ewww. …

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