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How to Shop for a Family-Friendly Home in the Suburbs

U.S. suburbs are experiencing the greatest population growth in the nation. People are more likely to relocate to a suburb from a nearby city than the other way around. Nearly two million people moved from cities to suburbs in the last year, experts say. As economic conditions improve, many American families are hoping to purchase a suitable house in the …

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Facebook said to develop new app for tracking friends

Facebook said to develop Facebook is developing a standalone application to help users find their friends in real life, according to a new report, marking the company’s entry into a field that has plenty of competitors but has yet to yield a mainstream success. Bloomberg reports that the app, which so far does not have a name, is expected to …

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Rush Limbaugh: iPad great tool in fighting global warming ‘hoax’

Rush Limbaugh: iPad Does the iPad offer a counter to the rush for judgment? If you’re 13 years old, live in Wilmington, Ind., and it’s cold outside, it surely makes you wonder about this global warming thing. How can there be global warming when your personal globe is freezing? iPad great tool in fighting global warming ‘hoax’ How can you …

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How to Identify Your Skin Type and Find the Right Products

Your skin type is an essential factor to know when it comes to selecting high-quality skin care products that will do it the most good. Not all products on the market will work for every kind of skin. A person should first identify his or her skin type in order to find specific products that will work best. If you …

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Nokia’s “Treasure Tags” Help You Find Lost Keys

There is nothing more frustrating than losing your keys, but thanks to Nokia that might no longer be a problem. According to sources the firm is planning to launch a “Treasure Tag” accessory that is able to track items using Bluetooth and NFC with a Lumia Windows phone. Apparently the device will be a small, squarish shape that has an …

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