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4 Things That Separate Top Athletes From Everyone Else

Just what goes into making an elite athlete? What separates the average weekend warrior from the best players in a sport? Many believe it primarily comes down to genes; that the top athletes are the lucky chosen ones, destined from birth to become legendary performers. But that does a grave disservice to many of the world’s top athletes, who in …

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Google’s gorgeous Thanksgiving doodle: Everyone can contribute

A fascinating story of joy. And foxes. What’s going to you carried to your Thanksgiving feast? A pie, possibly. Or a turkey, some sauvignon blank and a risqué comic story you heard at work. however what when you are a fox and also you go round killing chickens for the fun of it, by no means as soon as imagining …

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Some Useful SEO Copywriting Tactics for Everyone

Writing for web is somewhat completely different from writing for other mediums. The content material of a website cannot be written in the way a brochure is written for a trade. Search engine optimization is one of the major causes for this. While creating content material for web pages, you wish to be sure that it is see pleasant. No …

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The Same 5 Q’s We Ask Everyone: Jason Zone Fisher

The Same 5 Q’s We Ask Everyone: Jason Zone Fisher Jason Zone Fisher Total Beauty: What’s one bad beauty habit you can’t seem to quit? Jason: I bite my nails. Every year it’s my New Year’s resolution to stop — but it never works. I’m from Cleveland, so I used to be a big LeBron James fan, and somewhere I …

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From Selling Scoops Of Ice Cream To Founding ZeroCater

Founding ZeroCater Editor’s note: Arram Sabeti is CEO of ZeroCater. Follow him on Twitter @arram. When you throw a rock into the water, it will speed on the fastest course to the bottom of the water. This is how it is when Siddhartha has a goal, […] This is what fools call magic and of which they think it would be …

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