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A Brief Study on the Facets of a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is found in a data center and functions as a server operating system, which ensures efficient website hosting. In normal cases a monthly fee is paid by the website owner companies to the companies which own the server, against the power system, support, bandwidth, infrastructure or other services it offers. Beneficial features of a dedicated server Clients, …

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Common errors and their fixes while WP setup on dedicated host

Dedicated hosting is a very common thing among website owners. Generally large websites have the advantage of using multiple resources like a big bandwidth and server CPU. Shared hosting platforms do not have this advantage. Free? Forget it! Looking for a free web host is not at all a good idea. Identifying a free reliable web host is a tough …

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Netflix intros a dedicated ISP speed index page to highlight streaming champions

Netflix has long been judging your ISP's streaming quality, but you've had to dig around blog posts and other less accessible pages to get the low-down on just which networks reign supreme. Its new, dedicated ISP Speed Index page is much more straightforward: stop by and you'll always have a quick glimpse of which internet providers are the most Netflix-friendly across key countries, with more detailed breakdowns for individual nations. Not that there's been an upheaval in the pecking order, at least if you're an American. Google Fiber was once again the clear US speed leader in February, while DSL and Clearwire's WiMAX trailed the pack. The site mostly provides a handy point of reference for ISP shopping, even if it suggests that a cross-country (or cross-planet) move might be in order.

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VPS Web Hosting Service – The Key to a Successful E-commerce Business

When you opt for web hosting you can choose a dedicated hosting where every server is dedicated solely to the needs of a particular client. The main advantage is that you will have a total control of the operating system, the applications and will have more opportunity to accommodate large amount of traffic. However, many businesses find this very expensive …

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Fan pages pop up on Facebook to support fugitive ex-LAPD cop

Fan pages pop up on Facebook As a manhunt spread today across Southern California for a former police officer suspected of killing three, including a police officer, more than a dozen fan pages for the fugitive have popped up on Facebook. One of the more popular pages dedicated to the former Los Angeles Police Department officer and featuring his photograph …

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