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Google is now the 2nd richest tech company after Apple

After Apple had been declared the most valuable tech company, going past Microsoft, its now Google’s turn to surpass the Bill Gates founded enterprise to become the new no.2 in the list of most valuable tech companies. For the first time in 8 years, since the California based search engine company went public, they have managed to surpass the 2nd …

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Demand for Apple’s iPhone 5 lights up China’s online market

  iPhone 5 lights up China’s online market   Chinese gadget fans are scouring the Internet grey market to locate Apple Inc’s new iPhone 5, giving an early indication of robust demand in Apple’s second-biggest global market. Although smuggled iPhones are available offline, it is online, on platforms like Taobao Marketplace where about 150 million people shop, that is drawing …

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Apple Maps hack adds Google public transport directions option

Devious developers have already cooked up a way to bake Google Maps mass transit directions into Apple’s iOS 6 Maps app, though the workaround isn’t quite ready for primetime yet. Google Transit for iOS 6 is the handiwork of Simon Maddox, adding a Google Directions option to the list of third-party plugins Apple offers for alternative routing, and pulling up results in …

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iCloud leaves beta before iOS updates and release

When Apple first released iCloud, it was only available on Apple devices and not on the web. After a few months they released a web app with and it was in beta. Now that iOS 6 is going to available for download soon, they’ve removed the beta tag and the service is now public. The service now features Notes …

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Inside the iPhone 5: What makes it tick

Apple Apple‘s revamp of the iPhone included an overhaul of the inside too. So, what new silicon did Apple drop into the iPhone 5’s chassis? A6 chip: It’s faster! (duh). Here’s a summary of what Apple says. “Up to twice as fast compared with the [iPhone 4S’ A5 chip]…The A6 chip also offers graphics performance that’s up to twice as …

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