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Sweepstakes – the Most Efficient Way to Promote a Product or Service Online

Advertising – the right kind – is at the heart of any business. You can have the best product in the world, you’ll still fail if nobody knows about it. Promoting products and services through the internet has become the preferred method for many, as it is the only truly measurable way to see any campaign’s results. One of the most efficient ways to promote a new product or service online has proven to be sweepstakes – contests with prizes tied to the product or service to promote.

What can I use the contest for?

Contests are used for a great variety of things, from growing exposure and social engagement to increasing immediate sales or gathering subscribers. Some services – like real money online gaming operators – use contests as a method to maintain user loyalty in the long term. These are periodical promotions created to reward players who keep active.

What should I offer as a prize?

It should by all means be something that excites the audience. Besides, make sure it’s relevant to your business, otherwise you will end up with thousands of entries with a minimal impact on your company’s performance. You can also make your contest more attractive by offering tiered prizes to participants. A perfect example would be the summer promotion run each year by the Royal Vegas Casino. It is a recurring contest, open for existing Royal Vegas players, as well as those willing to join Royal Vegas online. Participants are required to do what they would do anyway – play Royal Vegas games and generate a certain number of Rewards Points for one entry to the draw. Participating players have the chance to win the grand prize – 50 tickets to a weeklong Caribbean cruise for two – as well as a share of the promotion’s generous prize pool.

How long should an online contest last?

Determining the right time frame for your contest can be tricky. If you end it too soon, you will miss out on a number of leads it could generate. Ending it too late is bad as well, because the audience can lose its interest on the way. The ideal length for a campaign is between 2 and 6 weeks. But there is no perfect timeframe to keep – you should experiment with what works best for your business. To stick with the above example, the Royal Vegas runs month-long promotions for its players. This way they can keep their players’ interest alive and offer new challenges and winning opportunities for them rather quickly.

How should I promote my contest?

The usual way. Writing a blog post, sharing on social media and promoting it on forums or communities usually works. Reaching out to influencers in your area will also be helpful. Besides, you can always submit your contest to websites dealing in such information (contest directories – Google it). Make sure to keep promoting your contest as long as it runs to maximize its effect.