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Surprise Your Dearest Bookworm with a Quirky Literary Gift

clip_image002It’s quite hard to find the perfect gift for a person who claims to have it all. With book worms, however, gift shopping is a completely different affair. Impatient to read more with each passing day, these gentle souls are not difficult to indulge – anything with covers and some words in between will put a beaming smile on their face. If you’re, however, looking for a bit quirkier, less traditional gift to go along with a myriad of books your literate friend already owns, we’ve came up with a few favourites of our own. Here’s what to buy to please your book-loving friend’s geeky needs.

1. The Fading Art of Syntax Diagramming

clip_image004When it comes to avid readers, absolutely everything is quotable. You probably already know some of their favourite citations by heart, so why not make one of them a theme for your gift? If in doubt, Ray Bradbury’s “It was a pleasure to burn” seems like an appropriate start. Now, you can always dig deep into the bottomless pit that the internet is, and find your friend’s most beloved quote printed on a tee or coffee mug, or a poster, but for a bit classier (and more expensive) approach, you can have it framed into a shadowbox.

Call it insane or not, but every savant still relishes in the fading art of syntax diagramming. Pop Chart Lab does too, which is why their printable diagrammatical dissertations on opening, as well as closing lines of notable novels and metrical mappings of notable sonnets are made with utmost passion and precision. Whichever you choose, have it framed for the magnetic force of the words to really stand out.

2. (Book)Mark Your Friendship

clip_image006When in Paris, don’t even think about heading home without a Montmartre bookmark to gladden your bibliophile friend with. Certainly, these handy little cardboard clippings are already piling up in your friend’s room, but ultimately, there’s no such thing as too much bookmarks. As for you, this gift is by far the most uncostly one you will ever buy! And, if you want to make it personalized and from the heart, consider making one yourself. If The Wizard of Oz is still your friend’s favourite childhood adventure, find the one with the Wicked Witch’s legs jutting out from the pages. For passionate horror enthusiasts, a bloody liquid bookmark will undoubtedly hit the spot.

3. Little Reading Helpers

clip_image008Even when the head is heavy with phantasies, keeping it up and clear in those late night hours might come harder than usual. To relieve your keen reader of their nerdy pains, make them an offer they can’t refuse. A transparent book weight is amazing for those who like to read while in the great outdoors or with a cup of coffee in their shaky hands. For those still deliberately unfamiliar with the art of speedreading and are determined to savour their books line by line, a thumb ring makes a handy little helper. Night owls will find an automatic reading lamp the most amazing gift they’ve ever received, while bed prism glasses are a splendid surprise for lazy brainiacs.

4. Keep It Classy but Magical

clip_image010Most of the time, having a book in your hands is everything you need to dive into the fantasy land of literature and stay emerged for hours to come. Still, there are those who prefer making their reading shrines a fantasy land of their own. In case your bookish friend is of that unusual kind, finding a perfect gift is even less hard. Browse for magical floating shelves or wacky inverted ones, and bargain for whimsical bookends to go along. Literary decorations can be a bit more costly, but that’s where online shopping discounts come to the rescue. All book-shaped lamps, eccentric eyeglasses holders and vintage book wall clocks can be found on auction sites for surprisingly reasonable prices.

5. A Hospital for the Mind

clip_image012Nothing is as delightful as having your own library! To our dearest bookworms, it is the ultimate gift. And since you can’t buy them a Bodleian Library worth of books, you can make their study smell like one. Book-scented perfumes, as well as candles with the same irresistible fragrance can be found online, and both are insanely brilliant. If your friend is already notorious for never returning their books to the library, appeal to their sense of humour with a library card mug. But by far the most enticing gift any library-keeper can receive is a personal library kit with a customized page embosser included. With a present as tidy as this one, they just might lend you a book or two after all.


Something as small as a reading diary, a page wrapped pencil or a literary necklace will earn you a savant friend to last a lifetime. Just watch them unwrap and smile.