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Surface Pro as a gaming rig? It’s ready and able

Surface Pro as a gaming rig

Microsoft‘s new Intel-powered tablet isn’t being advertised as a gaming platform, but maybe it should.

The Surface Pro handles Diablo III and Portal 2 at near-maximum settings, according to a post by Jason Evangelho at Forbes.com.


Gaming rig

Gamers “represent an important — and arguably sizable — potential demographic for Microsoft. As the company knows from its wildly successful Xbox platform,” he wrote.

At the moment, Microsoft is marketing Surface as a business tool, with no mention of its gaming chops.

The closest it gets is ad copy about Intel’s laptop-class Core i5 processor and the ability to run applications like Adobe Photoshop.

That Intel hardware makes it rare bird for a tablet. With a few exceptions like the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T, tablets today use either Intel’s pokey Atom processor or — relative to Intel’s mainstream chips — slower ARM processors.

Other specs lend the tablet to running games: it packs a fast solid-state drive (often used on gaming rigs) and 1,920×1,080 display.

“The Surface Pro handles Diablo III at 1920×1080 resolution with most specs except shadows maxed out,” wrote Evangelho.

Not bad for a tablet.