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Stuff lying around? Sell it !


“Sell it, sold it” is the slogan used by the big internet company OLX, who specializes in free online classified ads in over 95 countries. OLX was founded in Argentina in 2006, and since then it has been working to set their website for other countries. Regarding the website, it has a very simple design and is very intuitive; even a not so much computer-savvy could do it, so it is really easy to post an ad.

The main objective of OLX is allowing people to buy and sell goods at leisure. Interested in selling something? Just visit the website, make an account, and post your ad with a brief description and some images. You want to acquire something? Go to and search for whatever you want in the different categories, you may find some unique items! In OLX you can sell whatever comes to your mind: mobile phones, laptops, clothes, jewelry, furniture, cars or even a house! Not only that, you can also search for jobs around your area.

If you have posted an ad for selling something and it just isn’t getting enough attention, try sharing it on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, you never know where there might be a buyer hiding! If you are still not convinced, then maybe their original and funny TV commercials might do the trick, since they show common things that happen to people when stuff is just lying around. It is better to sell things you don’t need than having them sitting in the corner of a room or just in your way. So next time you take a look at the rooms in your house, pay attention to what’s useful and what could be sold without a problem.

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