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Storage Solutions For Busy People

It’s bad enough to be busy, but to add to that having to live a life where there’s clutter around you constantly – that’s enough to drive anyone crazy. So, especially for busy people, the storage of the excess stuff of life, is an absolute necessity.

And five solutions that you’ll come across to help you out will include using local self-storage facilities, learning to minimize and declutter on a regular basis, thinking about the burning building theory, buying organization boxes, and creating seasonal storage plans to boot. These techniques will allow you to stay busy without getting overwhelmed by things surrounding you.

Use Self-Storage

When stuff gets past a certain point, one of the easiest and most efficient solutions is simply torent a self-storage unit and a large fan, and throw everything in there that you don’t need on a daily basis. Furniture, electronics, extra clothing, keepsakes – get it all out of your main place of being. Storage units are typically safe, secure, and weatherproof, so they’re a great quick solution if you have the desire to make something happen now when it comes to decluttering yourself.

Minimized and Declutter

On a personal level, even before you consider the storage aspect of things, take some time todecide what you really need at all. If you can minimize rather than store, that’s cheaper and more effective, and it allows you to focus and concentrate on fewer things, thus giving more value to each of those objects. Knowing how to minimize does take some practice and may require a shift in attitude, but if you can make it through those challenges, you’ll come out a better person on the other side.

The Burning Building Theory

Another more philosophical way to determine what type of storage requirements you really need is to imagine that a small fire starts in the place where you live. What are the things that you would grab to take out? What are your most important belongings that you could fit in a backpack, or require for work, or need for historical reasons? Just those thoughts will help you make storage decisions.

Buy Organizational Boxes

Purchasing organizational boxes will help you with your storage requirements as well. Your things will take up less space, and they will also usually be put in cases sturdy enough to be stacked, which is absolutely vital.

Create Seasonal Plans

Seasonal plans for where things go will also help you with your overall storage plans. Especially when it comes to things like seasonal decorations – the better you have tubs and places to put those tubs set up in advance, the less cluttered your life is going to feel.