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Sticky C-Fit mount holds your phone in style


The TackForm C-Fit is a deceptively simple, universal suction-cup mount for smartphones that holds onto almost any smooth surface with its sticky suction cup.

The C-Fit has only one point of articulation at the ball joint, where the gripping claw meets the mounting arm. So, care must be taken to properly orient the base when placing the C-Fit. This can make getting the C-Fit into the perfect position a bit tricky but not impossible in most cases. On the other hand, with only one articulation point and a relatively short arm, the C-Fit is quite stable, exhibiting none of the shakiness and vibration that longer, more flexible mounts do. However, the C-Fit perhaps performs best when it’s not stuck to your windshield.


TrackForm C-Fit Multi-Surface mount 

The suction cup at the base of the TackForm C-Fit is made of tacky, semi-adhesive material that sticks to most solid surfaces under its own power. This stickiness, combined with the suction generated by locking the C-Fit’s suction cup in place with a lever, results in a remarkably tenacious grip on whatever surface I mounted it to. This strong grip is a boon for keeping a smartphone device secured and stable while driving, but it can also be a tad difficult (but not impossible) to remove between trips. Additionally, the tacky material has a tendency to pick up lint and dirt when stored or transported without a cover, so the C-Fit is probably best left, semipermanently, in place in your vehicle between trips, rather than repeatedly placed and removed as a conventional suction cup mount would be. If the grip does get dirty and lose its stickiness, it can be cleaned with a wet cloth. When the cup dries, it will be sticky again.

Suction cup

The tackiness of the C-Fit’s suction cup means that it can be attached to leather, leatherette, wood, and that oddly-rubberized “soft touch” dashboard material. I particularly enjoy the dashboard-mounting ability, because it allows me to mount the phone low and near the radio controls, where it can be easily reached for destination input or changing songs while the windshield remains unobstructed.



TrackForm C-Fit Multi-Surface mount 

The C-Fit’s mounting arm features a wide, glossy plastic cover that is available in red or black. Aside from being a fingerprint magnet, the cover makes it difficult to get at the suction cup when it’s time to remove the C-Fit mount from whatever surface you have tacked it to. I much prefer the nearly identical Bracketron Mi-T Grip (which uses the same gripping claw and tacky suction cup, but with a shorter, simpler mounting arm). When cast in its red color, the C-Fit is eye-catching. However, I’m not a fan of leaving eye-catching objects out in view, which could be a problem for cars parked in high-theft areas, thus I prefer the all-black color scheme. (Trust me, I’ve had cars broken into for less.)