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Sticker products by Instant Print

Whether you have decided to start a business this year and are in need of some funky, memorable marketing tools, or if you want to spruce up your shop or your own possessions, then the instantprint sticker service might be what you’re looking for.

It’s an unfortunate part of being a ‘grownup’, but adults don’t often think of using stickers – however they can be guaranteed to delight big people as much as they do children. Shop owners – use a sticker with your shop logo on to close people’s shopping bags as a nice touch. New businesses – give them out as part of a marketing package or to new customers, with contact details or company information.

You can pick a ready-made design from the website and customise it by adding your own information, or you can upload an image or logo and create a completely unique sticker. They have a glossy, high quality feel as they are printed on silk paper, which also makes them durable. You can also choose from three different shapes; circle, square or rectangle.

The circle stickers are 3.7×3.7cms, making them perfect for sticking on products or even for wearing on a uniform. They are delivered on sheets of A4, and come in batches of 35, so you can cut them up into groups or just peel off as required. The Cats and Dogs design is a great example of a simple yet effective way to advertise a business or service, and could be combined with an information pack or as an advert all by itself.

The square stickers are slightly larger, measuring in at 4.5×4.5 cm, and come in a group of 24. The Fashionize design is simple yet dramatic, and is guaranteed to catch the eye with its mix of graphic and text. The rectangular stickers are larger again, measuring 4.5x8cm and are delivered in batches of 12, so they are ideal for either personal use, i.e. as a room sticker, or as a marketing piece.

If you can’t decide which type of sticker would be best for you, then you can order a sample pack for free! To explore what you can do with stickers this year, see the instantprint website for the full range of stickers and prices available.

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