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Start Your Tourism in Paris

Home to the Eifel Tower and the Louvre Museum, Paris is the capital of France and known for its romantic charm and delectable crepes. With over 2.2 million people, Paris is the ninth largest city in Europe. Tourists from around the world Flock to Paris to extravagant landmarks such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur. Since Paris has over two-thousand hotels, there won’t be a shortage of hotel rooms anytime soon. The city of Paris is made up of twenty neighborhoods also referred to as “arrondissements” by Parisians. Each of these neighborhoods has its own town hall and mayor. No matter what borough you decide to stay in, every neighborhood of Paris has something unique to offer.

Neighborhoods to visit in Paris

What makes Paris fascinating is that each of its neighborhoods gives off a different vibe and boasts its own style of restaurants, cafés and shops. From Parc des Princes to Stade de France, the environments of the districts range from hipster to elegant and luxurious. Here’s a look at the top four neighborhoods to visit when you’re in Paris:

Saint Germain des Prés

Located near a university, Saint German has a youthful energy an is home to a wide array of tourist shops, ethnic restaurants, and pubs. This neighborhood is considered to be higher class and it’s not uncommon to see exotic sports cars or people wearing luxury designer brands. Saint German was once a popular hang-out spot for iconic French figures such as Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. Two of the most popular attractions in this neighborhood include Jardin du Luxembourg and Musée d’Orsay.


Montmartre is a hill and neighborhood in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. This neighborhood is home to vibrant architecture and a well-established artistic community. The famous hill has a maximum height 427 feet, and, on the top, you’ll find quaint shops and restaurants. Nowadays, Montmartre is an official historical site recognized by the French government and development is strictly regulated. One of the most popular sights in Montmartre is the Basilica du Sacre-Coeur, a 19th-century Catholic church.

Le Marais

Another historic neighborhood of Paris is Le Marais. What sets this neighborhood apart from the others is that it’s not as popular with tourists. Since Parisians frequent this neighborhood more so than foreigners, prices aren’t as high. Le Marais boasts great restaurants, clothing stores, and interesting architectural sites that will keep you entertained for hours. Local call this area of Paris “Old Paris” because of its medieval roots.

The Louvre

The Louvre, without a doubt, is the most touristy neighborhoods in Paris. This neighborhood is home to The Louvre museum, a world-famous museum that saw more than eight million visitors in 2018 alone. While it’s expensive to stay in this neighborhood, the hotels are within walking distance of many historical sites, restaurants, and shops. Not only is this neighborhood one of the most visited, but it’s also one of the oldest in Paris.

Weather in Paris

The weather in Paris varies greatly depending on when you travel to the city. During July, Paris’ hottest month, the temperature reaches an average of 68 °F. In January, the average high is only 45 °F. Rainfall throughout the year is relatively steady, with December being the wettest month and September being the driest. If you want the most sun, you should visit Paris between July and September. The weather in Paris is rather mild and the temperature doesn’t tend to reach extreme lows or extreme highs.

Places to Go in France

If you want to get out of the bustling city of Paris for a bit, there are things to see in France that aren’t too far away.

Palace of Fontainebleau

Located 55 kilometers southeast of Paris, the Palace of Fontainebleau is beautiful renaissance castle that is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This extravagant castle dates back to the 12th century hosted notable figures like King Louis VII throughout the years.

D Day Site in Normandy

Normandy is home to the famous D Day site where allied forces invaded the coast of France during World War II. Although many people died during this invasion, it is one of the largest invasions by sea ever recorded in history. The D Day beach is about 2 ½ hours from Paris.

Disneyland Paris

A visit to Disneyland Paris a great retreat with kids and a good way to get out of the city for a bit. Located in Chessy, France, Disneyland Paris is about 32 kilometers east of Paris. The resort is home to two theme parks and boasts over 4,800 acres of land.

Getting around Paris in a Rental Car

Getting a car rental in France is the best way to explore the western European country. A car rental in France will give you more freedom, space, and will make it easier to travel outside of Paris. For under 20 USD, you can get a comfortable vehicle that’s perfect for the narrow roads of France. Don’t settle for unpredictable public transportation, rent a car so you have the most space and comfort on your French vacation.

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