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Square Enix details digital deluxe Master Thief edition of Thief

Publisher sq. Enid, along with developer Adios Montreal, has published that the digital download model of the grasp Thief version of the upcoming Thief will probably be to be had on February 25. Because it’s a digital version, the master Thief variation will simplest be to be had for laptop avid gamers. At the moment, it’s available on the sq. Enid store as a pre-order.

Thief is coming to current-gen consoles too!

Includes a bank heist!

The grasp Thief variation features a digital copy of the legit artwork guide, a digital comic, a booster %, the unique soundtrack and an additional mission—the financial institution Heist. The art e book has a bunch of idea art. The digital comedian will expand the world’s back-story. The booster % has a bunch of in-game consumable objects that may empower protagonist Garrett and hasten gamers’ development in the course of the sport. The soundtrack is exactly what you suppose it is—a group of the music features within the sport.

The unimaginatively-named bank Heist mission has you infiltrate the city’s most stable place—Stone market First bank—to steal a coveted domestic heirloom called the big name of Auld ale. The bank has a bunch of latest gameplay mechanics where players should avoid and avoid distinctive safety features that aren’t current any place else in the recreation. It additionally options distinctive loot, in addition to some extra universe-building back-story. The mission acts as homage to the bank mission in Thief 2: The metallic Age.

Thief is going to hit retailers in February 2014. It’s going to be to be had on Xbox 360, play station 3, Xbox One, play station four and pc.