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Spyera Review: Phone Spying Software

Spyera is certainly the best software in the market today for spying and surveillance purposes. It is meant for professionals, law enforcement agencies and governments. It has won many awards over the years since its introduction more than a decade ago. This Spyera review shall examine its many different features that make it stand out so much.

Call Interception

It can easily intercept calls from the target phone live. When the target phone makes or receives a call, you receive a notification and you can intercept it by simply calling the target phone.

Spying on Chat

Spyera is suited for all social media websites that your target may be using be it Facebook, PIN, Skype, WhatsApp, We Chat, Viber, I Message or Yahoo Messenger

Ambient Listening and Recording

This unique feature allows you to track what is happening around the target by making a hidden call to the target phone. It acts like a bugging software in this way and captures conversations that are happening on location. This kind of thing is only possible through heavy duty software like Spyera.

Live Call Recording

This is a relatively innocuous feature through which the user can record the phone conversations they have which is securely stored and can be listened to later. This can be an automatic feature for specific numbers.

Spy on VoIP Apps

Even VoIP calls fall under the purview of this software and can be spied upon. It provides a definite call log of calls made by target.

SMS Tracker

Spyera can smoothly track incoming and outgoing messages of the targets phone. This forwards the message as soon as your target receives it- leaving no possibility of message being lost by getting deleted from the target’s phone.

Email Tracking

This has been a really important feature since the beginning of its release. It captures all emails received or sent by the target. The best thing is- the contact name will also be shown if it is shown on the contact list of the target’s phone.

Password Grabber

This has been one of its number one draws. Here all passcodes and passwords are grabbed on by shadowing the keystrokes of the device. You can spy on your target independently with information like this.


Unsurprisingly, it also assures that it remains a hidden spy application and cannot be detected by the target. This ensures that the spy never gets caught.

Sim Notification

Through this, you can track if the target is changing the phone’s SIM and using another number.

Spy Cam

This feature sneakily turns on the device and takes many hidden snapshots of the targets location.

Easy to Install and Uninstall

It’s extremely easy to use and can be installed or uninstalled very simply within a few minutes. It can also be remotely uninstalled from web browsers.

Whether you are using this to protect your children without hurting their feelings or to monitor the activities of your employees to stay safe from corporate espionage- this is an extremely important tool to have for the modern man.