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6 Tips for Taking Your Sports Gaming to Reality as an Athletic Director

If you’ve ever played sports video games, you know how exciting games are when you’re in control. This includes not only on-the-field moments, but the offseason as well. The offseason period is full of new hires, recruiting, and other personnel changes, but did you know that this job is something that is attainable? If you find yourself spending more time setting schedules and practice routines, here’s how to break into the world of sports as an athletic director and take your gaming to reality.

Start Small


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You probably know from playing video games that controlling a super successful Division One team right off the bat is nearly impossible. You need experience. To gain this knowledge, look first at becoming the athletic director at an elementary school, junior high, or high school. Some of these schools require you to teach as well, but the valuable experience you gain is the first step towards becoming an athletic director on a larger scale.

Continue Your Education

Having great hand-eye coordination in NCAA Football 14 won’t get you a great athletic director position. Most jobs necessitate higher learning, such as a master’s degree. You’ll become more attractive to potential employers if you earn a master’s at one of the best sports management schools in the country. With this education, you learn not only management skills, but sales, marketing, and public relations methods that make your teams a valuable asset to the school.

Learn Ethics and Regulations

You can’t sit for five minutes in front of the television without hearing about recruiting violations. That’s why it’s important to know the ethics of the school, the regulations of the NCAA, and what’s expected of you in every facet of the job. If you find yourself at the center of an investigation, the result is devastating; you become blacklisted on the job market.

Try Your Hand at Fundraising

In the past, many athletic directors were former coaches or players. However, college sports are now big businesses, and many universities hire people who handle money exceptionally well. This includes the allocation of money to various programs and enticing boosters to hand over large amounts of money to cover the high cost of college athletics. If you know your way around a balance sheet and are great at networking, you’ll excel in this field.

Encourage Academic Achievement

While athletics are the reason your job exists, they still come second to academics. As athletic director, you’re responsible for the academic integrity of the school with regard to sports. If players don’t attend classes or fail, you act as disciplinarian. That’s why it’s essential for you to put your expectations on the table and let your coaches know that academic fraud and poor performance aren’t tolerated.

Stay Determined

Nobody succeeds as an athletic director without determination. Because the market for college athletic directors is highly competitive, you’ll need to leverage all of your personal and educational assets to achieve your goals. If you don’t get one job, keep trying. Only the best succeed in this field.

No matter where you want to get a job, a great athletic director is always in high demand. If you love manipulating the movements of a sports team on a video game, you’ll flourish in the real-life world of college athletics.