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Sony shows off PlayStation 4’s interface

Sony shows off PlayStation 4’s interface

Sony has released a new video of the PlayStation 4 that gives us a close look at how the console’s interface will work. The video shows three people playing games or otherwise using the PlayStation 4’s interface in different ways.

One of the most interesting features of the PlayStation 4’s interface, as revealed by this video, is that when you buy a digital copy of a game from the PlayStation Store, the console asks whether you want to download the single player or the multiplayer first. This could greatly help cut down on data usage and overall download time with games that have a strong multiplayer focus but a lacklustre story.

Another new feature of the PlayStation 4 is the ability to access all of the features of the console’s homescreen while playing a game. On the PlayStation 3, if you want to do more than just navigate the XMB, you have to quit any game you might be playing before you can access the XMB’s features, such as the Settings page.

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You too can be as cool as this guy if you use the PlayStation 4’s interface!

Some of the social features of the console are also shown off, such as the ability to record gameplay and share it with friends, and the ability to quickly jump into any multiplayer game a friend might be playing.

Back during its pre-E3 press conference, Sony had announced that the PlayStation 4 will be launched in November and will cost $399 (Rs 23,300 approx) in the US, which is $100 less than rival Microsoft’s console, the Xbox One, which is priced at $499 (Rs 28,900 approx).

For the price being paid, Sony is offering the system along with a controller and USB, HDMI and power cables. PlayStation 4 Eye is not part of the package, though, and can be bought separately for $59 (Rs 3,400 approx).