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Sony promises improvements to PSN for PlayStation 4

Sony’s play station Network is no stranger to issues. Over time, it has been so dangerous that the company has promised that the service can be enhanced for the upcoming ps4. The promise comes on the heels of the latest troubles faced via those who offered the digital psNetwork version of Grand Theft Auto 5.

“First of all, it is unquestionably going to develop as a way of consumption,” play station UK boss Fergal Gera informed Euro gamer on the recent Euro gamer Expo. “And there are giant innovations in the PS4 to make it hornier and less difficult gamer clever to wish to obtain.

“The Play as you download functionality, for example, means you do not want the whole file before you go. This can be a little bit counterbalanced by way of the very fact the files themselves are getting bloody large. Kill zone: Shadow Fall is an umber file – I feel it’s cracking on for 50GB. It seems it, too, while you see it.

“[Downloading games] remains to be a moderately tedious course of. Now we have carried out various works on pre-turning in files. It can be now not excellent. It’s no longer seamless.”


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PSN optimistically won’t be this bad

Gera talked about striking games through extra rigorous QA approaches to guarantee that they don’t undergo the same destiny as GTA 5 did.

The play station Network model of Grand Theft Auto 5 became out to be the weakest of all the variations since it ran the game totally off the HDD quite than streaming some information off the HDD and some off the disc.

These issues have been most likely as a result of the streaming technology that Rock star has employed with GTA 5. The extra bandwidth afforded from streaming from both the disc in addition to the HDD seems to be better for the sport when compared to just streaming from the HDD. This is particularly bad because the digital unlock of GTA 5 is more expensive than the retail release.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is at the moment out on play station 3 and Xbox 360 for Rs 2,999. Inspect our evaluate should you’re nonetheless on the fence about buying it.