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Soft Fibre Ceiling Tiles

Soft fibre ceiling tiles are created from a combination of mineral wool in varying proportions. These tiles are very porous and have a similar density to a sponge. This facilitates the exceptional sound absorption qualities of the soft fibre ceiling tiles. The fluffy and light materials that compose the soft fibre ceiling tiles soften the surfaces in the room. This will prevent voices from bouncing off the surfaces in a room. Therefore, the soft fibre ceiling tiles will work to absorb the echoes inside of any room in which they are installed.

The soft fibre ceiling tiles are also resistant to large amounts of water vapour in the atmosphere that contributes to high humidity. This feature assists in the sound absorbing ability, and protects the structure of the building from humidifying damage. Therefore, soft fibre ceiling tiles can fill several roles while remaining aesthetically pleasing. The tiles are available with an external coat of paint from varying manufacturers, to match the requirements of your project.

The material used to create soft fibre ceiling tiles is durable and very resistant to damage. They are the perfect addition to any room that needs sound absorption to reduce echoes and improve sound quality. The ceiling tiles provide a refined look to complete the indoor appearance of any room, office, or home.

We are an authorized distributor for Armstrong, Rockfon, Ecophon and GreenStuf soft fibre ceiling tiles. These are the best quality tiles on the market, guaranteed to meet the acoustic and aesthetic needs of your interior design. Therefore, the available soft fibre ceiling tiles will absorb the sounds of the room with the low density wool composition, while the painted laminated facing maintains the decorative essence of the indoor space. Browse the selection of tiles to find the perfect match of function and fashion.

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