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Small Businesses: Domains, Hosting Plans and Which to Choose

The importance of using the internet in a business cannot be understated. In recent years, the use of the internet has shot up, and if your company is not online, you could be missing out.

Increasingly, small businesses are turning to the internet to help get the brand out there. Not only do websites help increase the accessibility of a company, but can help sell more items and services and even be used as an advertising platform or employment method.

When searching for a company, most will turn to the internet rather than the phone book. So if your company is not online, it’s time to get started. needs a website?

The size a company should be before a website is created is a matter of opinion. Many tiny companies simply choose to have a few web pages for contact details and a little about the company. The fact is, being online offers so much more scope for all the things that make a business successful.

It doesn’t necessarily take a long time to find one, either. Domain providers and Hosting experts are always working to make it a simple procedure:

“At Daily, we are aware that technology is constantly advancing and as a result we want to keep improving our features to meet your needs. We’ve speeded up our domain search so that it’s ultra-lightning speed.”

In order for a website to remain live, space on a server somewhere in the world must be kept on at all times. This is what you are paying for.

First off, it’s important to decide exactly the kind of space you think your small company might need. If it is just the aforementioned case of contact details and a few details about the business, there’s no need for anything big.

However, if a great deal of growth is expected or there is a projection of high page hits, it makes more sense in the long run to go for a server which can accommodate a larger capacity.

Share hosting

This option is usually best for small, un-interactive websites, as it does not offer the complexity that larger server space does. It’s definitely the cheapest option.

The bandwidth is often highly limited, as the hosting is shared by sometimes thousands of other users. In the event of a spike of visits to your webpage, the server may not be able to deal with the load.

Virtual Private Servers

Space on a virtual private server is usually the best option for small businesses. With comparatively low costs and upgrade options for when you need more space or additional features, it’s more than adequate for small businesses.

In lieu of a developer, there is the option to use a site-building tool. While it will not look as complex as a fully developed website, it can be used easily and provides a quick and professional site.

Dedicated servers

This is usually the best option for large businesses, or small businesses set for a great deal of growth. The main attraction here is the full control of the hosting environment, and the fact that none of the resources are shared with other clients.

It’s probably a good idea to consider a VPS to start with.