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Size and Slap Shots in Slovakia

Trencin, a little municipality in Slovakia, doesn’t believe in playing small when it comes to hockey. Despite being populated with fewer than 60,000 residents, Trencin continually produces players for the NHL including the likes of Pavol Demitra and Zigmund Palffy. Defenseman Zdeno Chara is another one of Trencin’s golden children. As one of the tallest players in the league’s present day as well as its history, Chara’s hockey stick is two inches longer than the length outlined in the NHL rules, supporting his six-foot, nine-inch frame. In 2009 his slap shot was clocked at over 105 miles per hour, and he is a six- time finalist for the Norris Trophy. Learn more about Chara along with others from the Trencin region by clicking on the following infographic.

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