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What does the situation of iPhone5S mean to The Apple Inc ?

Apple products have been the focus these times and people are eager to see the new products released by Apple Inc especially after Steve Jobs the Ceo of Apple Inc can not be there any more. Without Jobs, the Apple team has proved to the public that they can still develop the latest Apple item such as the iPhone5S. Not only does iPhone5S look and feel thin and tight but also it is designed with the beautiful aluminium housing, the sleekness of metal and glass, sapphire crystal protecting the iSight cameras and other unmatched technology.

1481223_614738548587325_320952928_nEven so, whether people will make their purchase or not is uncertain. To figure this out, Crystal Smith from dial-a-phone of newvoucher once made a survey on 150 UK residents. The results show that 40.3% of them will buy iPhone5S partly because of its unique design, great gifts for family and friends and symbol of fashion, partly because of the commemoration of Steve Jobs and 50.6% of the participants say that they wont purchase iPhone5S out of impulse for they dont see any big difference between the iPhone5S and the previous Apple Phones.

The survey and the current situation somehow reveal that the new Apple products may not be as popular as the previous ones among the buyers though Apple Inc still gains a large share of the mobile phone market.

Summary: To win clients’ heart, The Apple Inc is supposed to make a breakthrough in developing the new Apple products.