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Simple Touches To Spruce Up Your Whole House

Details can make or break the look of your house. You can choose the most beautiful paint color or have gorgeous wood floors put in, but if your house is messy, people won’t notice your walls. Similarly, decorations that don’t match the rest of the room can tear the room apart and leave it looking jumbled together.

Coordinating a few small details in each room will help to pull the room together. Small touches around the house will display your great skills as a homemaker and create a space everyone loves to be in.

Make An Entrance

What’s the first thing your guests will see when they come to visit? The front door, of course! Painting your front door a bold color will make your house stand out on the street – no one will ever ask “which one is it?” again.

A welcome mat out front will invite guests in while also encouraging them to wipe their boots, keeping your floors and carpets clean. That means less vacuuming later in the week!


Frame Your Windows

Your windows are an essential part of any room’s layout – they let in natural light and make the room feel open, inviting, and airy. Be sure to highlight your windows (and the view of your yard!) with some beautiful curtains.

Long curtains that go floor-to-ceiling can make your ceilings seem higher. Light curtains will brighten up a dark room, while dark curtains absorb light, so consider the color of your walls when choosing a fabric.

Bright And Beautiful

If some rooms of your house don’t get much natural light, it’s important to light the room up in other ways. An ill-lit room can feel cramped or dingy.

Choose the right lights for each room. Floor lights with moveable bulbs will work best for a living room, where people might be reading.  For a dining room, overhead lighting is best.

The dinner table is a great place to highlight a beautiful chandelier or similar light source – it draws the eye to the center of the room. Consider installing a dimmer switch for those romantic evenings.

Home Sweet Home

The most important thing in decorating your home is that you are comfortable there. Your house is a reflection of your tastes and the things that make you happy. Not everyone will decorate their home in the same way – at the end of the day, you have to choose for yourself what kind of image and feel you want.

If you have decorated your home carefully and in a way that you love, your friends, family, and loved ones will be able to see your personality shining through all over the place. If you are comfortable, they will be, too.