Simple and Interesting Employees Anniversaries Ideas

Celebrating your employee’s work anniversary does not necessarily mean that you forego whole day office activities. There are simple yet exciting work anniversary ideas that can help appreciate your employee without disrupting the office activities.

Note, failing to appreciate your employees on their big day online widens the gap between employers and employees. Besides, the lack of motivation leads to poor performance and laxity. A simple gesture, such as celebrating an employee’s work anniversary, can be a game-changer.

If possible, throwing a party would be great. If you don’t want to bring your company activities at a halt, an evening party would be great. During the party, make sure the employees understand why you are doing it. Recognize the effort of the individual in front of the others. Make them know you are looking forward to another year of their service. Let’s look at some exciting ways of celebrating your staff’s work anniversary;

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They include;

Give an anniversary card

Buying an anniversary card for your employee during their work anniversary is a kind gesture. This may not cost you much, but employees don’t take lightly kind gestures from their employers. That’s an indication that you recognize their service at an individual level. Make the card personal by adding the employee’s image and inscribe an appreciation message. Let the employee know that you and other colleagues share the pleasure of having to work together for another year.

Give them a trophy

If you are looking for excellent work anniversary idea, giving a trophy works wonders. An award is valuable and the best tool to express appreciation for an excellent service. This will inspire the employees to work even harder. Once in awhile, create awards for your employees to promote an active working spirit. You should present such awards on their work anniversary day.

Create for them a magazine

This is an easy task, especially for companies with a design department. The magazine should include the employee’s photo on the cover page. Also, add company group or individual images that show the employee administering his/her duties. You can ask other employees to help you craft exciting stories linked to the employee in question. Basically, the magazine should be about the employee’s achievements and happy work memories. Also, remember to wish them more happy working years.

Buy them a work anniversary cake

Since time immemorial, buying cakes are an integral part of all celebrations. You can talk to the employee to learn about their favorite cake. You should not go for traditional cakes that lack enticing features. Instead, add unique decorations. You can also include their name and department of service and working years. Despite being a tiny gesture, it will transform your employee’s world.

Give them a shopping voucher

You don’t have to wait until the Christmas holiday to give your employees a shopping voucher. Remember, a work anniversary is an opportunity to create the right image of yourself. Therefore, it’s indeed a big deal, and you should take it as such. So, a shopping voucher for a minimum of $50 for startups speaks volumes. But for large businesses, you can opt for expensive shopping vouchers.

Finally, these work anniversary ideas will plant a big smile on your employee. Furthermore, such moves will take your business to new heights. Make celebrating work anniversaries a habit, and you will forever be grateful. A happy team means tremendous business achievement.


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