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Simple Alarm System Review from Wide Info

This application should serve as early notification system when someone tries to get your phone while you are not looking.

How it works? Very simple. Set up alarm system and get notified whenever someone is “playing” with your phone. Application comes with default alarm sound, so you can start using it straightaway. However, you can set your own “alarm” by recording your own sounds/messages. Here is the screenshot of activity for recording sounds/messages:

Screenshot Recording Alarm Sound/Message :-

Simple Alarm System

Application can keep only one sound/message at the time. So when message is recorded for the first time recorded, default alarm sound gets replaced. Default alarm is loud and can attracts attention when played. If you want to recover it, just keep pressed record button for about 2 seconds.

Various Settings of Simple Alarm System

There are couple of settings to configure the app to not act unpredictable, like:

Activation time: time between the moment phone goes to sleep and activation of the alarm system.

Unlock time: time between the moment of detected movement and playing the alarm. If phone get unlocked (screen unlock) within this time, alarm will not be played (situation: you are taking the phone).

Sensitivity: sensitivity of the motion sensor.

Simple Alarm System

Activating Alarm system :-

Simple Alarm System

Main screen has a big lock that has to be switched to “lock” state in order to activate the application. Once activated and phone goes to sleep mode, background service starts detecting motions of the phone. Once the motion gets detected, phone wake up and first gives an option to unlock the screen. If that doesn’t happen on time (this is “unlock time” from settings), alarm gets played as long as phone is not unlocked.

It is worth mentioning that keeping application active for a long time can spend battery faster then usual. That is because of service that detects motions and keeps running in the background when device is in sleep mode. To avoid unnecessary battery consumption it is the best to use this application only when it is needed. In other words use it only when you have reasons to belive that someone would like to “play” with your phone while you are not looking. To deactivate the application, just press on the lock button to unlock it.

Conclusion about Simple Alarm System

We hope you got basic idea how to use this simple application. The best advice we can give at the end is to download application yourself and give it a try. Play with it and see how you like it.

Download link for Simple Alarm System :

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