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Shared Hosting: What You Get and What You Don’t

Shared hosting is the basic level hosting that most beginners choose to go with. And why not! After all it is easy to manage and also easy on your pocket. In this type of hosting, one server is used to host many websites belonging to many different users. As one server is distributed between many users, the cost of hosting for each user also comes down. So, what is it that makes it a good choice for some and what keeps away the rest?

Each user has their own directory

In shared hosting, every member of a particular web server has his own directory and all his files are placed inside that particular directory. This distribution helps in 2 ways.

  • It helps the user to easily locate all his files related to his websites. Like, if someone has to give a URL of a single file, he can easily think that it will be in a particular directory and easily he can make out the URL in his mind.
  • It avoids mixup of the files of different users on the same server. Every user has his own directory and he need not to bother about other’s. It keeps their files confidential as well.

Administrator takes care of the server

Shared Hosting has an administrator over all users who manages all the logs, performance of server and any issue coming on the way. That administrator deals with all these things and the users need not take the headache of dealing with the typical day to day server problems.

The server is already set up

When you buy a hosting account, the server is already set up for you. So, you need not do anything additional to make it operational. Just get a username and you are all ready to host your website. This saves you lot of efforts and time.

Easy on pocket

Shared hosting is the cheapest of all; both of the remaining two, VPS and dedicated, will cost more than shared hosting. Regardless of whichever hosting you buy, don’t forget to use the coupon codes. Sites like and can help you grab a good deal.

Dedicated SSL and IP?

Generally, you do not get a dedicated SSL server and dedicated IP because of the sharing. However many companies provide you the option so that you can buy an SSL certificate as well as a dedicated IP comprehensively for your websites by paying a fixed monthly/yearly charges.


For security purposes, shared hosting has never been a great advice. It is because it is comparatively easier for other users on your server to sneak into your files. But still, as many people can not afford dedicated server , they choose shared hosting and that is why it is so popular.


If your requirement is not huge enough to demand for a VPS or dedicated server, there is no reason why you should run away from shared hosting. But yes, you should select your hosting provider with care. You should stay away from those who oversell their servers since that will show up in the performance of your site.