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SeoRax: The Best Way to Recover from Panda & Penguin Update

SeoRax: The Best Way to Recover from Panda & Penguin UpdateSince the release of the new Google’s Algorithm Changes, when many of us have lost the bulk of income and even the business as a whole, the main question was, “Can You Fully Recover From Panda & Penguin?”.

This question is not as simple as it seems at first glance. First, you need to completely rethink your approach to SEO strategies and stop using the strategies found in Grey Hat and Black Hat SEO, because many of the old tools and techniques not only aren’t as effective as before, but also have the opposite and negative effect.

The next step is to look at the website itself. On-Page optimization should be invisible – try to work on your website as though using the SEO was not part of your plan.

The most important element, which is the key to your success in Google Penalty Recovery, are backlinks pointing to your own website. Which sites link back to yours? Do the websites look real or are they just there to host the backlinks?

This is only the first part of the problem, which appears as though the amount of work required for it will be impossible to deal with. Every page and every backlink requires careful analysis and the proper approach to correcting past mistakes.

There Is No Silver Bullet Solution. But wait a minute …

The new and unique service by the name of SeoRax, lovingly crafted in New York City, offers the Ultimate Solution for Panda & Penguin Recovery. The start of Closed Beta Testing is planned for the near future. SeoRax integrates everything in one place and allows you to thoroughly analyze and improve:

1. On-page SEO & Content quality, to avoid over-optimization penalty and duplicate content filter. The SeoRax has prepared the best tool for this.

2. Off-Page SEO – You will receive all of the data at your fingertips and will know: How many links there are in total. What the quality of the websites they come in from is. Which anchors are used. The commercial vs. non-commercial ratio of the anchors. It’s already integrated with Google’s Disavow Links Feature, which will get rid of spam backlinks in two clicks.

3. Additionally SeoRax offers:

+ Advanced Structure Analysis Tool, a unique tool to increase search engine indexing, professional rank tracker tool, and many other things that are necessary for US at the moment.

Get serious about SEO today! Join our testing as early as possible and Stay Safe after following Panda and Penguin!