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SEO Tool for Digital Marketing Strategy

Having a digital marketing strategy to proceed with an online business could help in so many ways and SEO tools can help an online business grow. To make a website reach the maximum number of people, performing tasks like creating backlinks, analyzing keywords etc. are crucial requirements. A very useful program like the Xovi keyword tool may just make the game plan easier; and deal with the digital marketing strategy in a more effective way.

What’s Xovi, and why use it?

Basically Xovi is a German SEO tool that helps to analyze keywords, come up with relevant statistics, imply SEO on websites with the help of an existing database etc. Previously the service was limited to Germany only, later on they expanded worldwide. Xovi has 11 tools, all neatly put in the left column of the interface and they are sufficient to fit every organization that might require SEO data like companies, individuals, SMEs etc. There isn’t any bar on using the service unlike many other similar services.

Assess Keyword Density

Keywords on a webpage are important to the search engine bots. While optimizing a website with SEO credentials; the density of keywords would matter to the crawlers. Xovi has a full-fledged tool to analyze keywords. Shortcomings of keywords could be checked using the Keyword tool and a comprehensive picture consisting of graphs and percentiles would be shown.


Onpage tool for Better Insights

A website isn’t only built of the contents visitors get to see – there is a ‘backstage’ containing titles, headings, codes and scripts, and META description etc. To know where a website stands among all other under the same niche, an analysis tool is needed. Xovi can process up to 25 thousand URLs at the same time and provide an onpage analysis data consisting of the points mentioned earlier above. Additionally, the WDF*IDF tool allows webmasters to optimize their website’s text according to the ongoing trend as well as fiddle with the loading speed using Pagespeed monitoring tool.


The Basic Dashboard

As mentioned earlier, keyboards are key factors for SEO implementation on a website. To have a better look on all keyword based details, the standard dashboard could play the most significant role. Times when the users may not want to go through every individual bit of SEO data on Xovi tools; they could just take a quick peek on the Keyword Performance Indicators under the Standard Dashboard screen.



To initiate an effective digital marketing strategy, the first requirement would be to know every aspect of your website and to implement proper SEO on it. Tools like Xovi provide everything a webmaster would need.