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SelfieMark Android App Helps You To Share And Get Public Polls For Your Pics


We are living in the world of Social Networking sites with each day new social networking platforms are coming and in this post, we are discussing about a new social networking platform named SelfieMark. SelfieMark has its uniqueness which will surely make it very famous in future. It is currently available for Website, Android and iOS platforms. Now let us discuss what is unique in it and how you add fun to your social network using this service.

Exploring SelfieMark

As most of the users can get the idea from the name its self it is a social networking platform which allows its users to share their images and create a poll to find out best out of it. And users can get votes from both public and friends (Follower). Are you confused which picture of yours is better to post or which outfit should you wear for a party then do not worry just use SelfieMark and create a quick poll and get suggestions from all around the world including friends.

Quick Guide of SelfieMark

Here we are giving a quick guide to it some snaps have a look and take steps accordingly.

1. It is a free app and users can get it from play store or app store. Users can also use website. Creating account is also very fast, and easy have a look at below snap for more idea.


2. After login into your account for the very first time, you have to enter your interested categories. Choose these categories correctly as you will see posts accordingly in your account.


3. Here is a snap of our home screen have a look.


4. As you can see from above snap, there are two options Selfie and Polls. In Selfie options users can quickly take a selfie or from the phone library can upload it SelfieMark among public or among followers (friends). Users can easily share these snaps in other social networking platforms. In a recent update, the company launches two mins videos support.

5. Users can create a quick poll from poll option here is a snap of it have a look. In poll option as you can see users can also check past poll, suggested polls or they can even search for polls.

clip_image009[6] clip_image011[6]


6. In Top option users can see some top rated posts of they selected categories and they can even find past tagged post.

7. In settings option some useful options are available like invite friends, find friends, profiles settings, etc. Have a look at below snap for more idea.


Final Words

We hope now you all know everything about SelfieMark and will take steps accordingly and to help you more in decision making we are giving some pros and cons which we noticed while using it have a look at these advantages and disadvantages.


There are many pros associated with it, and we cannot write all these points we are writing only a few pros here have a look.

1. It is a free app with no ads.

2. The concept of the poll is unique and helpful too.

3. Fewer people less shit. It means as it is new social media platform the number of users are very less and hence there is more privacy.

4. It is useful for all from normal users to business person. As SelfieMark in starting only asked about categories which make it very easy for a business person to reach out target audience.


There are some cons too which we would like to highlight for our readers.

1. As it is a new app, we cannot get User interface like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. There is a long way to cover to improve the interface of the app.

2. We can create poll among two snaps only.

We hope developers will too take care of above cons and will take steps accordingly. But for our reader, this app is highly recommended due to its uniqueness and freshness. Try it once and start getting public reviews before making any public appearance. We hope you like SelfieMark Review post and in a case of any doubts, please contact us or comment below.