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Securing Home Stay Privileges for Your Dear Pet

Cats and dogs are sometimes closer to their owners than he would relate with the landlord of the rental unit. However, landlords and property managers are never able to accept this fact and they enact no-pet policies quite strictly, as if his future depends on keeping a lovely pet away from the owner! Now, you need not entertain such attempts because pets offer the purest emotional support that one would rarely get from a neighbor, or even a brother! You need to arrange for the legal immunity to keep your furry friend close. A common misconception is that one should enroll the pet at a support registry. The only way you can arrange for legal defense is to obtain a valid emotional support animal certification from a practicing doctor.


Certificate particulars

What are the particulars of the certificate and how do they work? Essentially, an emotional support animal therapist is a practicing medical professional. He would jot down a letter of recommendation on an official dated letterhead that should consist of his legal license number. This prescription would mention clearly that you have a psychological condition and it is imperative for your well-being to have a loving pet always close to you.

Legal immunity

In this context, it is important to understand that service dogs and ESA dogs are under different laws. The former one is for pets who undertake additional responsibilities of guiding a handicapped owner or for other crucial tasks such as guarding the premises where the owner is unable. The latter one is for furry friends who accompany patients suffering from mental conditions in their moments of heavy isolated depression.

This official emotional support animal prescription holds legal cognizance according to the Fair Housing Amendments Act. It is also a crucial document to get air carriers to let your pet on board at a flight. In fact, there have been instances where pet owners have been able to overturn eviction notices from courts by furnishing the document from a licensed emotional support animal doctor.


Wherever applicable

However, you should be aware of the various areas where the certificate would not work as you would expect. If you live in a rental with no more than four units and a landlord also lives in the same building, the ESA certificate is invalid. Furthermore, you cannot use the emotional support animal therapist prescription at hotels, motels, private clubs, and restaurants.

Such establishments typically follow their in-house regulations on pet entry, and you should be aware of these. In almost all other circumstances, your landlord has the legal obligation to allow your pet to stay with you. In fact, even when he is stubborn about not allowing home stay, the rental provider should construct a comfortable living quarter for the pet within building premises.

The process to certify dog as emotional support animal is quite straightforward actually. All you have to do is find out an online service that would make all the provisions. The procedure typically involves filling up of a comprehensive online form which then goes for a detailed evaluation with the emotional support animal therapist qualifications. Once the verification is over, and you made the payments, the company delivers the certificate at your address on a

Priority basis.