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Scientist: Quantum physics can prove there’s an afterlife

Professor Lana. Beacon of hope?

If there may be a decision between an afterlife and nothing at all, I might plump for the former.

It provides us an extraordinary kind of hope that there’s extra. And, in the us, we know that more is all the time better.

Discussions surrounding the afterlife are likely to focal point on belief. One scientist, then again, is suggesting that there may well be agency evidence of a really perfect past.

Professor Robert Lana, adjunct professor on the Institute for Regenerative drugs at Wake woodland university, is a proponent of biocentrism.

This turns our thought of the universe on its head. Instead of imagining that it’s the universe that creates existence, the theory is that the universe is a product of our own recognition of it.

The independent has thrust my awareness towards Lana’s web site, which makes an attempt to reprogram the best way we see, well, everything.

Take death, for instance. This “can not exist in any actual experience,” he says. This can be a reduction, because it does appear frightfully real while you watch it occur.

You know that is about to get complicated, do not you? Lana deals: “life is a journey that transcends our abnormal linear way of thinking. When we die, we accomplish that not in the random billiard-ball-matrix however in the inescapable-lifestyles-matrix.”

Death is in simple terms what we expect we see. If truth be told, the whole thing is. In Lana’s view, although: “by using treating house and time as physical issues, science picks a completely incorrect starting point for understanding the sector.”

His starting point is biology. He does, though, toss in slightly quantum mechanics to sway the realist doubters.

He points to the double-slit experiment. This helped convey that particles don’t seem to be simply the single parts they’re perceived to be. As an alternative, they can act as two separate entities at the related time.

In essence, once we wish to shaggy dog story that somebody might be living in a parallel universe, this may, actually, be in a roundabout way proper of everybody.

I prefer to think, unlike many scientists, that we all know precious little about our world. For all we know, that occasional sense of déjà vu we get is one way or the other related to Lana’s thought of the reality of perceptions.

At least he tries to get us to take into accounts our own existence another way. The problem is, there by no means seem to be any lines of communiqué between one parallel universe and some other.

I do know that Ouija women and psychics declare to hear voices from some a long way beyond. What we lack thus far is a sense that those voices could be actual.

If Professor Lana can just be able to make contact, perhaps we’ll all turn into nicer people right here on this planet, agency within the information that there isn’t hurry.

What a fascinating world it would be if we really knew that there may be going to be more.