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Once science fiction, it’ll be reality in 2014

Virgin Galactic tweeted a photograph of the historical test flight SpaceShipTwo on April 29, 2013.

Why look ahead to the longer term? We’re prepared for science fiction to turn out to be real.

because the calendar will get set to show from 2013 to 2014, it’s also time to get thinking about the kinds of issues so that it will be coming out in the new yr that except now, would were regarded as nothing however science fiction.

Because of advances in know-how, together with the assist of excellent funding, new markets, and just right timing, 2014 seems to be set to be a banner year for brand new services that just a few years in the past would have most effective been imaginable with the aid of futurists or sci-fi authors.

However now these items are real, and in 2014, the general public, or at least businesses that need them, will finally be capable of get their fingers on a few of these issues.

starting with commercially on hand journeys to space and continuing through the potential to pose questions to essentially the most cognitively developed computer in history, and together with athletic put on that tells us in actual time what sort of exercise we’re getting, subsequent yr appears full of nice innovations that take us to the threshold of the future — and past.

Listed below are eight services that should be ready for prime time in 2014, and which might tickle the minds of the Heinlein’s and Asimov’s of the earlier:

• Virgin Galati’s commercial space tourism.

• Martin’s jetpack

• IBM’s Watson within the Cloud.

• Nimbi’s heartbeat-based non-public authentication device.

• The new Oculus rift digital-fact goggles.

• Sole Power’s energy-generating shoe insoles.

• Virtue’s Omni stand-up digital-fact interface.

• Radiate Athletics garb.

To see photos and skim extra about each of these innovations,