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Samsung reveals Galaxy Note 8.0 Boldly

The tech giant of South Korea, Samsung has been surprising in pace to reach their consumers with the best quality products as well as beating the best prices. Bringing out the innovative products to the stage Samsung has been on their quest to catch the eyes of millions of peoples around the world and they want to make sure to grab everyone’s attention. Recently Samsung has announced their 8inch Android device and even we are not sure what to call this device, a tablet or a big smartphone. Better call it Samsung Galaxy 8.0 minitab. Now, let’s continue what this product has got to offer us and fulfill our needs.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Earlier, Samsung wanted to push up the sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1 but failed due to the lack of the interest from the customers. Smartphones are sailing over the fences of the share market and Samsung is on the top list. Samsung has decided to produce the hybrid of both smartphone and tablet and voila! Samsung Galaxy 8.0 born. This mini tab includes all the features both of Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Samsung Note 2 and let you produce higher results by using this device.

Taking photos by an 8inch mini might seem a bit awkward but you can take photos worth of 5megapixels by the rear camera as well as this tab offers you to make video calls using the front camera of 0.3 megapixels.

This mid-size tablet will run on Android’s latest beast Jelly bean and it will support 7, 00,000 apps in the android market right now. That means thousands of games and application waiting for you in the bank of Galaxy Note 8.0.

Some of the leaked information confirmed that Galaxy Note 8.0 is equipped with powerful quad-core enabled processor of A9 series and in the bundle of 2GB ram. Having that said you might get the idea how fast you can run this mini tab and do multi-tasking in a pretty easy way.

Wi-Fi direct and Bluetooth 4.0 is also there if you need to transfer and share files to another device.


The Main Attraction

S-Pen is the biggest surprise of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. Introducing Wacom technology in Android through Note 8.0, Samsung has proved again that they are working to make innovative products and designs.


–   A9 processor and Quad-core technology

–   S-Pen Using technology

–   Smart App for TV control

–   Multiview Feature

–   Very Thin and Light-weight

–   Large Storage with extended support up to 64 GB


–   Poor Camera Output

–   Dissapointing Display

sansung back

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 will take your Android experience to a whole new level. So, it won’t matter if you’re a Samsung fan or not. Your entertainment and business will go by hand in hand. By using this Galaxy Note 8.0 you will just step into the biggest horizon of Android family. So, it’s time for you to give it a go for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.


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